Stix ~ The Makeover

Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 Evi Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 Hera Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 Leviosa Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 Nighe Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 odine Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 solii

PixyStix is getting a makeover. I’m dropping the Pixy (cause thats ME!) and just going by Stix from now on. Of course you’ll still see PixyStix here and there, but you know how this works.

Updated, beautiful headshots for all the girls in the shop. All photos by Kouralee and shown on the LOGO Alex mesh head.

The shop has moved to Hollow Shades, a beautiful sim filled with shops I’m sure you’ll get addicted to like myself!

Teleport to Stix ~ Skins, Makeups & Tattoos

Lots of included appliers of course!

Omega, Slink, TMP, the works.


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