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A Passion for Virtual Fashion

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” ~ Stephen King
Just One More Page

I’m in trouble. I just got Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch from the library and now I am caught up in the story, so much so that I am up all night reading, unable to put it down once I allow myself to start reading. It’s an incredible book so far, anguishing and funny and all that you want from a book. It’s quite long too, so I am guessing I will be up several nights finishing it. It seems once I start, it’s hard to stop and only pure exhaustion breaks the spell.

I tried to convey that in this photo with a woman reading at a desk and the world of the novel blooming around her. My novel reader is wearing Kiddo Oh’s classically-cut dress and sitting at Tobias Convair’s desk set, both for this round of Shiny Shabby. I…

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Stix ~ The Makeover

Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 Evi Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 Hera Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 Leviosa Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 Nighe Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 odine Stix NEW ADs 8-22-15 solii

PixyStix is getting a makeover. I’m dropping the Pixy (cause thats ME!) and just going by Stix from now on. Of course you’ll still see PixyStix here and there, but you know how this works.

Updated, beautiful headshots for all the girls in the shop. All photos by Kouralee and shown on the LOGO Alex mesh head.

The shop has moved to Hollow Shades, a beautiful sim filled with shops I’m sure you’ll get addicted to like myself!

Teleport to Stix ~ Skins, Makeups & Tattoos

Lots of included appliers of course!

Omega, Slink, TMP, the works.


APPLYME! August Summer Splash

New PixyStix Tattoo will be found here!


APPLYME August Square

It’s summer time which means it’s time to show off those sexy bodies and show the world what you are made of. This round is filled with so many beautiful appliers items, Yes, this is event is pack is one you do not want to miss out on. Head on over before it ends on July 20th.

Head Over to Applyme! For The Mesh Body Beautiful In You!

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PixyStix @ the Mesh Body Addicts Fair – August 1 – 22, 2015

[PS] Odine Ad

The release of Odine. She was a very naughty girl, but now she’s decided to behave and is being released, partially. She’s only available in the base tones at this time. 50% Discount on Odine for the duration of the fair.

Gift Tone @ the Fair: (Y) Amethyst

Base tones: (A) Snow, (B) Cream, (C) Butterscotch, (D) Puddin’ & (E) Chocolate

Each skin includes:
•8 Brow Versions
•Comes with 3 or 4 tintable brows
•Nipple and no Nipple Versions
(To be updated soon – Cleavage Options (Flat, Regular and Heavy))

Current Applier supported brands:


Omega Applier System:
-which supports the following-
•Maitreya Lara Fitted Mesh Body
•Belleza Venus Body
•Wowmeh Mesh Body
•KL Lena Mesh Body

•TMP Head Installer
•TMP Body Installer SLUV Mapped (for use with NO nails)
•TMP Body Installer TMP Mapped (for use with their nails)

•Slink Visage
•Slink Physique
•Slink Hands
•Slink Feet

•Nyam Nyam
•Loud Mouth

•Linc Phat/Cute Azz
•Ghetto Booty
•Perfect Bum

Other Parts:
•Lola (Tango, Mirage, Delicq & any other that work with that applier)
•Soul Uni Ears
•Coochi (currently by request)

•Demos & Fatpacks are available for all skins packages – if they are not, please drop a nc into the mailbox at the store.
•PixyStix is not accepting ANY type of custom work at this time.
•Not all Skins are available on the Marketplace, I just hate working with MP, but they’ll get there.
•PixyStix does not have a re-delivery option at this time. If you require a re-delivery please are missing an item, please drop a nc into the mailbox at the store with your name, transaction history and any other relevant information and a replacement will be delivered ASAP.

PixyStix @ Totally Top Shelf – August 1 – 22, 2015

[PixyStix] Nighe the Royal AD Snow [PixyStix] Nighe the Royal AD Cream [PixyStix] Nighe the Royal AD double

Priced at: L$199

All skins come with the following Appliers: (unless otherwise noted or not necessary)
Omega, Maitreya, Slink (Visage, Physique, Hands & Feet), TMP (Head & Body), Baby Bump, Lola, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam, Soulkissers, Sweet Lips, Butts (L.inc, Sking, uL, G. Inc, Banned).

2 face tattoo gifts, no group required.
(SLUV & Omega ONLY)