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Hi there! So I’m going to try this whole blog thing again and maybe I’ll keep up this time! PixyStix was first started way back in uh, -looks in her inventory for old stuff-  my first flickr post was June 14, 2012. BUT THEN I found an item from June 25, 2011. So I’m going to set June 2011 as the PixyStix established date. Woohoo! Wow its really been a long time!

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→ For CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE, please drop a NOTECARD into the mailbox at the front desk @ PixyStix OR send an email, PixySnook@yahoo.com, allow 48-72 hours, if no reply,  send another please, sometimes I space out and RL takes over.

✘ All appliers are designed for PixyStix skins. They may not work with other skin brands.

✘ No refunds unless the item is transfer or duplicate purchase. Please demo, they are provided on -most- items in the store that normally have demos*. If not, please contact us as directed above.
(*Please note: demos are only provided for skins & mesh clothing).

✘ Redeliveries, please contact Pixy Snook and/or Seraphim Siamendes, so this can be corrected within 48-72 hours.

✘ Used a PixyStix item in a blog? Got a suggesstion, comment, request? Drop a notecard at the front desk @ PixyStix OR send an email, PixySnook@yahoo.com


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