What’s Included & abbreviations


What’s Included in Stix Skins … This is a whole bunch of infos, you’ve been warned!

These are the current skin tones @ Stix. Not all skins are released in each tone. Some just don’t look good on certain skin tones.

Base tones:
(A) Snow, (B) Cream, (C) Butterscotch, (D) Puddin’, (E) Chocolate
Fantasy tones:
(F) Drow, (G) Golden, (H) Forest, (I) Ocean, (J) Onyx, (L) Avariel, W Rosefire, (X) Sapphire
Gift Tones:
(K) Canary, (Y) Amethyst, (Z) Cupid — occasionally (B) Cream

Each skin includes (unless its a special edition or GG):
•Nipple and no Nipple Versions
•No Brow Version // Dark Brow Version (Older skins)
All newer skins –
•No Brow
•Platinum Brow
•Coffee Brow
•Ginger Brow
•Ebon Brow (removed from future huds)
•Blonde Brow (removed from future huds)
•Fire Brow (removed from future huds)
•Pink Brow (removed from future huds)

Current Applier supported brands:
Slink Visage — Now Omega

Maitreya — now Omega
Belleza — now Omega
Slink — now Omega
Kemono — out inworld now

Omega Applier System:
So many bodies & parts will work with Omega. Do your self a favor, check it out. Omega Website

Is your mesh supported by omega? Check here

Mouths – ALL supported by Omega now – hud no longer included:
•Nyam Nyam
•Loud Mouth

Butts – ALL supported by Omega now – hud no longer included:
•Linc Phat/Cute Azz
•Ghetto Booty
•Perfect Bum

Other Parts:
•Soul Uni Ears
•Logo Ear Appliers – if not included, free inworld @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glamour%20Isle/186/48/23
•Coochi (new version, now supported my Omega)
•Bentbox Ears (Coming Soon)

Demos & Fatpacks are available for all skins packages – if they are not, please drop a nc into the mailbox at the store and we will make one.
Stix is not accepting ANY type of custom work at this time.
Not all Skins are available on the Marketplace, I just hate working with MP, but they’ll get there if not there at the time of this post.
Stix does not have a re-delivery option at this time. If you require a re-delivery or you are missing an item, please drop a nc into the mailbox at the store with your name, transaction history and any other relevant information and a replacement will be delivered ASAP. IM Pixy Snook if this takes too long, as I often get distracted my shiny things.


Most times if things don’t line up or the look funny, have a look at the skin on CalWL windlight setting. All of my photos are raw, unedited.

Abbreviations for bodies & What They Mean:
HCL – Heavy Cleavage
MCL – Medium Cleavage
NCL – No Cleavage
WXD – Waxed, No pubic hair
STRIP – Pubic Hair Strip

*** Coming Soon *** CHILD – No definition, upper or lower
CHILD CL1 – No definition upper, lower underwear
CHILD CL1.5 – Upper nipple shows, lower underwear
CHILD CL2 – Underwear on upper & lower
CHILD M – Upper nipple shows, no lower definition


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